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Your style all the way


Your wedding should be as distinct as you are.  You and your fiancé each have special qualities and characters of your own, and you have an unbelievable dynamic when you're together.  Naturally, the celebration of your union should reflect all of these.

The success of your wedding depends upon the experience, flexibility, and creativity of the entertainer you hire.  I welcome this vital role, and I take extra-special care to help you plan your wedding from beginning to end.

Remember:  There are no rules!  While there are many traditional aspects to wedding ceremonies and receptions, each one is as unique as the couple they are built around. 

Do you want a more traditional, formal, and structured event, or a more casual affair where the mood of the moment will dictate the course of the event itself?  Helping you find just the right balance between these two approaches is the goal of the planning process.

I love to help 

I know you're new to this.  When we work together, I'll provide you with all the tools, resources, and experience to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!  Best of all, the planning process is easy and FUN!

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